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About Al Harris

When I was a young piano player, about 14, I used to sneak out to after-hours jazz clubs with a friend. One night, I heard some music called Forest flower, by Charles Lloyd. And after the first 30 seconds or so, I was "gone." I remember being in another place, as if the music had carried me to another reality. And that got me curious about the power of music.

I read that the Greeks had used it in healing temples. And that a student of Pythagoras once stopped a man from burning a building by playing a single chord on a stringed instrument.

What was it the Ancients knew about music that we forgot? I was so curious I traded in my law degree for a music career, and for 12 years wrote and arranged scores for radio, TV and film.

Because I was in such close contact with music, its hidden side began to speak to me. "Try this," it would whisper before each project. I came to rely on the instructions and they always worked – on over 200 projects.

As I learned from music I sensed it was carrying something from me to the listener. And I wanted to see if other people had similar experiences. So I interviewed 27 people: musicians, doctors, healers and researchers.

Laurel Keyes taught me toning – using the power of the voice to heal, or to bring into being what you want to create. From her I learned that at least 50% of her technique had to do with intent.

Dr. John Diamond said music can activate a person’s life energy. Crucial, because it affects whether a person wants to get well or not.

As I interviewed others, I found that just as a healer's intent goes into the healing, a musician’s intent goes into the music and is carried to the listener.

A Lakota medicine man described it best when he said:

"To be a great healer, hold an intention for the highest good of the person in front of you. Become like a hollow bone, so Spirit can come through you and give the person what they need, instead of what you think they need."

Similarly, when a musician acts as a "hollow bone," the music can connect the listener to his own intuitive abilities and music then becomes a helper, friend, teacher and guide.

Scientist Dr. Donald Hatch, in his book, the Symphony of Life said: “the universe is composed not so much of matter, but of music.”

Because everything vibrates, everything "sings."

To better understand vibrations and frequencies I studied alternative healing: herbology, sclerology, reflexology, acupressure, kinesiology, geotran, holodynamics, flower remedies, holographic repatterning and tai chi.

Music affects subtle energies, only called subtle because we don't know how to measure them. These energies allow you to achieve goals and dreams – or not. These energies allow the spark of life to live in you, inspire you, and give you joy, so you can become an adventurous explorer, curious and in awe of the wonders of the universe. When you're consciously in touch with life energy within yourself, you have control of the valve that connects you to Spirit, and whether or not you have accidentally turned it off or on.

I invite you to learn to use music as the Ancients did, and allow the insights and intuition you already have to flower. That opens the door to magic, radiance and exploration.

I wish you the best in your own explorations, and a life of magic and radiance.

- Al

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