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Do You Find Yourself Repeating the Same Patterns?

The formula for creating is:


The SAME thoughts, feelings and actions re-create the SAME things again and again. So how do you create new ones?

Napoleon Hill, who wrote the famous book “Think and Grow Rich,” said:

“The great leaders of business, industry, finance, and the great artists, musicians, poets, and writers became great, because they developed the faculty of creative imagination.”

Creative imagination uses FEELING to shift thoughts into actions.


FEELING is like the gear shift in your car that moves you from 1st to 2nd, 3rd or 4th, till you’re flying down the road instead of crawling along like a snail.

The Secret to Creativity

The secret to shifting out of stuck patterns is this – “feel” your way out of a situation instead of trying to “think” your way out.

The secret to creating new patterns you’d rather have is to “feel” what they would be like, instead of trying to “think” about what they would be like.

Because music, imagination and patterns all belong to the world of your right brain, you can use music to activate your creative imagination and shift patterns.

Left Brain Right Brain
• Details
• Logic
• Math
• Order
• Critic
• Overviews
• Adventurer

When you activate your creative imagination, you tap into FEELING.

Remember the formula for creating?


It is FEELING that Bach flower remedies change, and that’s why they’re effective.
It is FEELING that Napoleon Hill says is key to creating what you want.
It is FEELING that connects you to your hidden right-brain talents.
It is FEELING that Bach Flower Music tunes you into.

Shift From Low Energy to Productivity

"I am amazed at the power of Bach Flower Music. Instead of losing a day's work when my energies were low, I quickly shifted to a confident state that sparked my creativity, so I could finish what I needed to do." - A. Arnold

Ideas For Business

If your company needs new ideas or products, play a Bach Flower piece and ask everyone to write down what the music tells them. The shift from left to right brain awareness will cause a flow of ideas that are entirely different from trying to logically “think” out new ideas.

Set the “Tone” For Your Day

Just as music can set a mood for a movie, you can use it to set the “tone” for your day. Pick a piece that fits your needs. For example, if a co-worker makes you angry, play Holly a few times before you go to work.

Do you have an emotional block that interferes with your creativity? Quick Self-Quiz

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