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Music can be friend or foe.
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Included are exercises for clarity, creativity and more joy.

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Table of Contents

How Music Can Affect You and Your Creativity
How Music Can Affect You Physically
How Music Can Affect You Mentally
Music and Your Emotions
Music Speaks to You on Many Levels
The Hollow Bone Effect - Your Endless Source of Creativity
The Hollow Bone Attitude
What is a Hollow Bone Musician?
The Power of Intent
How to Use Hollow Bone Music
Using Music to Get Clarity/Music with "Movement" - Exercise 1
Awareness of Life Energy - Exercise 2
Awareness of Life Energy in Music- Exercise 3
Improving Your Communication – Exercise 4
Using Music to Boost Your Creativity – Exercise 5
Hollow Bone Music Recommendations
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How Music Can Affect You and Your Creativity

Music can skyrocket your:

  • Creativity
  • Wellness
  • Peace of mind, and
  • Happiness
Or it can have the opposite effect and drain your life energy!

Anything you want is a goal.

You can reach it more effectively if all parts of you head in the same direction.

Music can align those parts (or interfere with them).

Just as your car runs more smoothly after a tune up, music can tune you up so your life runs more efficiently.

Let's see how music can affect each part of you.

How Music Can Affect You Physically

Music is a powerful force. It can affect you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and you can use it as a connector to universal wisdom.

I first noticed its physical effects when I was producing sound tracks for radio, TV and film.

One day in the studio I felt a disturbing pressure in my heart area. I suspected a bass drum sound so I asked the recording engineer to reduce certain frequencies.

When he did, the discomfort left.

Disruptive Sounds

David Tame in The Secret Power of Music, writes: (p. 138)

"A recent teenage fad was that of taking soft eggs to rock concerts and placing them at the foot of the stage. Midway through the concert the eggs could be eaten hard-boiled as a result of the music. Amazingly few rock fans wondered what the same music might do to their bodies."

Sound Moves Matter

Have you ever stood near a jet on a runway? If so you've felt the impact of sound. Perhaps you've put your hand on a stereo loudspeaker and felt the music move the speaker diaphragm.

Sand on a glass plate will form
the shape of a nearby sound.
This is the shape of the vowel
sound "A."

Beneficial Sounds

Can music affect you beneficially? Here's a striking example:

"I was in the hospital for a hip replacement. After the surgery they gave me a button to push that would inject morphine for my pain. One morning I didn't use it. A lady came to my room and asked if I wanted to hear some harp music. I said: 'Sure, sounds like fun.' To my surprise, the minute she started to play the pain went away. When she stopped the pain returned. She started again and it was gone. It was completely unexpected." - J. Rafuse

Music can be disruptive, beneficial, or do nothing at all. What's in the music you listen to?

How Music Can Affect You Mentally

Music Helps a Lost Soul

Back in the 1950's there was a short overweight woman in a hospital for chronic schizophrenics.

She lived in a locked, concrete enclosure, like an animal in a zoo -- one of 200 incurables. Many had been hospitalized for over 40 years. They sat all day, doing nothing. Perhaps they were waiting to die.

One day someone donated an old piano. The woman wandered to the bench, sat, and haltingly struck at the keys. The doctor on call listened to the notes. Random. Disjointed. Then he suddenly realized she was playing a Beethoven piano Sonata, very very slowly.

Over time, she played all 32 Beethoven Sonatas, in order, with increasing fluidity. After that, she went home, never to return.

Music and Your Emotions

Music Saves a Life

When a Chicago man was about to commit suicide a therapist played him some music. The therapist later told a musician:

"He was ready to end his life. I played your tape for him, and I could see him change as he listened. The music brought him back to a place where he could get himself together again. And that was the catalyst that helped him want to live."

Music Speaks to You on Many Levels

Music is a language that speaks to you on many levels.

When a friend played harp in a hospital room, 3 or the 4 patients began to smile. The 4th man was in a coma. "I wonder if somehow he too hears the music?" she thought.

A while later she glanced over at the coma patient and noticed his toe moving under the covers to the beat of the music. At some level, the music reached even him!

The Hollow Bone Effect - Your Endless Source of Creativity

Inside you is an endless source of creativity. And you can activate it with the Hollow Bone Effect.

A Lakota Medicine Man once told a student about this source:

"To be a great healer become like a hollow bone. Then spirit can come through you and give the person what they need, instead of what you might think they need."

A similar thing happens when a musician connects with a universal creative current. He doesn't direct it but simply says: "I want to be of service to my fellow human beings."

You, as a listener, can then use that music to tap into the same creative current and access abilities you don't normally use.

What happens when you use the Hollow Bone Effect?

  1. You can use it to get new ideas, insights and discoveries.
  2. If you keep a Hollow Bone attitude when you create (write a book, design a computer program, paint a picture, cook, garden, etc.) it will allow people who see/hear/experience your creation to also tune into their own abilities.

The Hollow Bone Attitude

The following story shows what can happen when you trust the universe to give you NEW solutions and answers:

Bill Mann is a guitarist/singer who played for Alzheimer's patients.

Since many didn't know who they were, where they were, or even how to eat, Bill could not entertain in the normal way. So he used a Hollow Bone attitude.

First, he rid himself of preconceived notions that no one would be able to hear or understand his playing. Second, since there were few outward signs of anyone "being there," he played to soul, to the inner part of them.

Some interesting things happened:

"I'd see someone who was almost catatonic, in a wheel chair with their eyes closed, slumped over. And I'd see their fingers moving in time with the music, or their lips starting to mouth words, or a toe moving, or their body posture changing.

"Relatives came up to me afterwards and said: 'my mother or father hasn't been this lucid in years. She or he was singing along with you. I don't know what you did but thank you.' And I didn't know how to tell them that I didn't really do anything. I just opened myself up, and this love, spirit, God, or whatever you want to call it came through, and built a bridge. And that bridge helped people 'come out' so we could have an exchange."

What is a Hollow Bone Musician?

A Hollow Bone musician empties himself of ego so he can create music that best serves the listener. Richard Lawrence, a violinist who played with the BBC Orchestra says the great composer Brahms had this ability:

"When Brahms wrote music he intended it to benefit all of mankind. And be of a permanent nature, not short-lived. So he concentrated on focusing on a [universal] energy until he connected with it. And then he would feel the vibration of that flowing through him. He had to hold himself in between a higher consciousness and the physical so he could connect with it on the one hand but write it down on the other. Because if he went too far one way or the other then he would lose it."

The idea of keeping a beneficial intent is important, because just as long-time healers know that the INTENT of a healer goes into the healing, Hollow Bone Musicians know their intent goes into their music and affects a listener.

The Power of Intent

Joshua Leeds, author of the Power of Sound says:

"Sound is a carrier-wave for the intention of the person putting it out. Essentially, any music we hear carries the intention of the person who's written it, or the people who are performing it."

Dr. John Diamond, an Australian M.D., has tested music's effects for over 35 years. In his tape The Role of Music in Enhancing Life Energy he says:

"I'll tell you something extraordinary. If I record a musician playing the same song twice... and the second time I ask him to think that he's in church when he plays the music, the audience will test higher life energy the second time. Something else is transmitted with the music."

An Experiment With Beneficial Intent

I experimented with intent at a house concert in Seattle. A guitar player had been in a car accident and asked us to excuse his playing because his neck hurt. When it came time for me to perform I played piano for his neck, using the Hollow Bone attitude. In other words, if the music would help, fine. If not, it was just nice music. (Perhaps he needed the neck experience for some reason and I was not going to interfere with that need. I simply played for his highest good, without expectation.

At an intermission, I asked him if anything had changed. He told me he had much greater range of movement.

Intent in Painting and Cooking

In China there's a whole method of painting (Qi Gong painting) where the artist paints with a beneficial intent so that people viewing the finished painting receive beneficial life energy from it.

Intent is also well known to professional cooks. One chef at an upscale restaurant told his assistant:

"If you're not in a good mood, don't cook. Because it will affect the patrons of the restaurant."

Another cook agreed. He said:

"The ingredients of two meals can be exactly the same. If I'm in a good mood I get many compliments. But if I cook when I'm in a bad mood I get none."

How to Use Hollow Bone Music

Hollow Bone Music can be many different styles - country, classical, light rock, new age, light jazz, semi-classical, etc. or even a combination of styles. The important thing is that the musician connects to the great creative current that sustains us all, and that he acts as a hollow bone or conduit for its beneficial effects. When that happens, you as a listener are also able to tap into that creative current and get from it whatever you need.

Hollow Bone music has:

1. Beneficial intent, and
2. Enough "movement" for your attention to follow so it can pull you out of stuck places and allow your imagination to roam freely.

Using Music to Get Clarity/Music with “Movement” – Exercise 1

Music that has movement takes you out of a left-brain mode - where stuck thoughts can endlessly repeat - and allows your right-brain intuitive abilities to find surprising solutions and ideas.

When your attention follows the movement in music, the music acts like white noise to counter mental clutter that accumulates during the day. As you listen, follow any changes, so your mind can move from confusion to clarity.

Does the melody move up/down? Does one instrument suddenly take over the melody from another? Does a certain instrument texture remind you of anything - a bouncy feeling, a joyful feeling, a picture of something? Does the music get softer/louder? Slow down/speed up? What images come to mind?

When the music ends, sit quietly for a few moments, and your intuitive side will give you surprising insights for your well-being. Jot down whatever occurs to you without judgments or analysis. Wait ½ hour, then read what you wrote so your logical side can see it. At that point, write down anything else that occurs to you.

Awareness of Life Energy – Exercise 2

Explore the following: Do you feel better in the company of certain people? Do others drain you of energy? Are you more comfortable in certain environments than others? Why?

Awareness of Life Energy in Music – Exercise 3

Hollow Bone music tends to build your life energy as you listen to it.

As you listen to a piece, are you uplifted? Agitated? Is your breathing relaxed or suddenly shallow? Does it affect your thoughts? Emotions? Evoke images? Is the music great for dancing but not ideas? Vice versa? Both? How do you think the composer felt as he/she wrote the music?

Begin to sense what kind of music feeds you best. Do you want to speed up or slow down? Pick music for the mood you want. What does rhythmic music do compared to music without rhythm? Experiment. This will give you new ears.

Have you ever heard the same piece played by two different groups, and one felt great while the other left you cold? What was the difference? The music was the same. The instruments were the same.

Were the musicians playing to impress you? Or were they simply being themselves, allowing the music to play through them to you, in order to give you something?

Improving Your Communication – Exercise 4

As you improve your life energy awareness, your communication will change. When someone talks to you, practice listening to their "song," rather than just their words: You are an orchestra of atoms that whirl in harmony and rhythm. As such, you constantly vibrate and "sing" to the people around you. And they to you.

Take time to listen to their songs. Then they'll take the time to listen to yours!

Using Music to Boost Your Creativity – Exercise 5

If you think there's ONLY one way to do something, you'll ignore other ways that might be easier, better, cheaper and more satisfying. To change your normal thinking mode let music tell you a story.

For this exercise, ask yourself a question (what do you want to know?). Then listen to music with the intent that it will tell you a helpful story. The story will be in pictures and symbols, not words. Flow with it and see where it takes you.

An example: I was overwhelmed, and afraid of an approaching situation. I put on some music and almost immediately "saw" a large bear. It was frightening but something told me to get on its back and ride it. So I did.

As the bear whipped through the forest, the fear turned into an adventure. And that was the message for me: to ride out my situation as if it were an adventure and look for the nice surprises from it. The music helped me change paralyzing fear into calm expectancy.

Using Your Imagination

Activating your imagination is so important that Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." He first logically considered what he wanted to know, then threw all caution to the wind and imagined he could talk to a light beam. The insights he got led him to discover his theory of relativity.

Your imagination is like a muscle: the more you exercise it, the easier it is to use. Use it enough and it will start to show you choices you never considered before.

Hollow Bone Music Recommendations

For most of my life I have followed the Hollow Bone principles. Because when I do, surprising and wonderful things happen.

In this e-book, I’ve given you those same principles, so your life can become richer and more fulfilling.

Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician in the 1930’s, also used hollow bone principles.
Bach followed his inner guidance. He left a thriving practice in London to find plant and flower remedies that help people heal their emotions.

Dr. Bach’s remedies have stood the test of time – over 70 years of successful use. I believe it was because of his loving, healing intent.

Just as a healer’s intent goes into his healing, a musician’s intent is infused in his music. When a musician composes and plays with love that has no conditions attached (acts as a hollow bone), the listener can use that music to connect with his own inner needs. Because the music produces an environment that allows that to happen.

I have seen how both autistic and paraplegic kids relate to that kind of environment, when little else makes sense to them.

I studied the effects of music for over 15 years, and combined that study with alternative healing. The result is 38 music pieces that correspond to Dr. Bach’s 38 remedies.

The Bach Flower Music was done with love. To give you an environment that is freeing, so you can heal such things as your emotions, finances, relationships, and tap into your innate inner wisdom.

I offer you the Bach Flower Music Kit, to give you that environment.

Order a Bach Flower Music Kit now.

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