There are three main things you can do with Bach Flower Music…

1. Balance your emotions when you’re stressed or anxious.
2. Tap into your inner knowledge to create what you want.
3. Increase your prosperity

Bach Flower Music is based on the work of Dr. Edward Bach, a British immunologist.

Bach found that with balance, the body, mind and spirit heal themselves. So he identified 38 plant and flower remedies that produce balance.

The Bach Flower Music produces similar balance. But it can also help you “heal” your finances, relationships and business problems. Because the music can activate your right brain creative imagination – the part of you that finds fresh solutions and new ideas.

Napoleon Hill spent 25 years talking to the most successful people in the world. He said:

“The great leaders of business, industry, finance, and the great artists, musicians, poets, and writers became great, because they developed the faculty of creative imagination.” – Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

The Bach Flower Music Kit is a 2-CD set…

CD1 – Instructions on how you can use the music, and a remedy finder, to help you select music for specific emotions.

CD2 – 38 music pieces.

Order a Bach Flower Music Kit

Dr. Bach's remedies spark the inner needs of people. They give inspiration and hope when life looks down or impossible. They give courage in the face of fear. And remind you of your abilities when you forget them.

The 38 Bach Flower Music pieces correspond to Dr. Bach's 38 remedies. With the added element of the power of sound.

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