There are three main things you can do with Bach Flower Music…

1. Balance your emotions when you’re stressed or anxious.
2. Tap into your inner knowledge to create what you want.
3. Increase your prosperity

Balance Your Emotions When You're Stressed Or Anxious

Is stress preventing you from creating what you want?
Stress busters-Bach flower remedies/Bach Flower Music.
Shift your viewpoint to shift your life.
What happens when music moves your viewpoint?
The 38 Bach flower traits - 38 viewpoints.
Music Method #1 - using Bach Flower Music to cut stress and anxiety.

Tap Into Your Inner Knowledge And Create What You Want

The domain of the inventors, writers, scientists and poets.
How to use music to shift your viewpoint.
Music Method #2 - activate your right brain creativity.
Practice leaps of logic.
Why write how you feel before and after the music?
Why combine writing with music?
Music opens a door.
Open The Door To Prosperity

The field of all possibilities
Music Method #3 - Open yourself to prosperity.
Synchronicity - help from the universe (after listening to music).

Using Your Intent

Music Changes Your Energy Field

Music and Your Sense of Purpose

Exercise 1 - What do you really love to do?
Exercise 2 - How can you do it?
Exercise 3 - What steps do you need to take?
Exercise 4 - Listening to the wisdom of music.

How I Wrote the Bach Flower Music Pieces

General Notes

Appendix A - Kinesiology

Appendix B - Resources

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Balance Your Emotions When You're Stressed

Is Stress Preventing You From Creating What You Want?

Nearly everyone I know is stressed. And it interferes with your ability to create.

When stressed…

  • You’re out of alignment
  • Your attention is scattered
  • You lack focus
It’s like driving a car with a misfiring engine.
But once it’s aligned and the parts balanced, your ride is smooth.
So how do you bust stress and re-align your parts?

Stress Busters – Bach Flower Remedies/Bach Flower Music

In the 1930's, Dr. Edward Bach identified 38 negative states that stress the mind and emotions. He then created a balancing remedy for each one from plants and flowers.

Bach flower remedies have now been successfully used for over 70 years. They are liquid drops placed under the tongue, and are very effective at dissolving such things as fear, impatience, jealousy, anger, resentment, hopelessness, discouragement and grief.

Bach found that, with balance, the body, mind and emotions heal themselves.

You get…

  • peace of mind
  • clarity
  • the ability to heal

Shift Your Viewpoint to Shift Your Life

Life is movement. All the atoms that form you and the universe vibrate and MOVE.

There is a constant shifting of energy.

You want to SHIFT…

  • from sickness to health
  • from poverty to prosperity
  • from sadness to joy
The Bach flower remedies SHIFT your viewpoint.
The Bach Flower Music pieces SHIFT your viewpoint.

Dr. Bach observed that most problems come from an emotional cause. And when that shifts, changes take place.

For example, one day Dr. Bach was called to look at a woman with asthma. Bach determined she was “holding her breath” for her son, because her son went off to war and she didn’t know if he was dead or alive.

Her viewpoint was frozen.

But the moment she got a letter that her son was okay, her asthma disappeared. Why? Because her viewpoint MOVED from imagining he could be dead to “he’s alive.”

Your emotional state is tied to your viewpoint!

Because the Bach Flower Remedies work with emotions, they also work with your viewpoint. They release it from a stuck place, to one of new possibilities.

The same is true of the Bach Flower Music.
When music moves your viewpoint, it moves you to a different place.

What Happens When Music Moves Your Viewpoint?

When you move your viewpoint, stuck energy is released and you see new possibilities.

Here is a letter I received…

Dear Al,

Your music is a blessing. My great niece died from sudden cardiac arrest and this week has been a horrible nightmare. I came home and turned on Star of Bethlehem, Agrimony, then Aspen. It worked so well I was up half the night watching the full moon and reveling in the beauty of the play of light and earth. Thank you so much. - J.C., Sequim, WA

This person’s viewpoint was frozen by some terrible circumstances. And she could not pay attention to anything else. When music shifted her attention, she could see beauty in the world once more.

A second person wrote:

“I had lost my ability to relax, receive, or express myself. I felt like a victim, because I couldn’t do anything and didn’t know how to get out of feeling depressed. Your music lifted my energy so I could feel some joy coming back. It allowed me to talk in a compassionate manner to my room-mate and clear up a problem, instead of getting angry and yelling.”

The 38 Bach Flower Traits – 38 Viewpoints

When you move your attention, you can move to a different and better emotional state. Bach listed 38 states that comprise most of what we feel, either singly or in combination. Both the Bach flower remedies and Bach Flower Music help to balance these states…

For Decision-making
• Needing to ask others' opinions: Cerato
• Being torn between two choices: Scleranthus
• Being torn between many choices: Wild Oat
• Making the same mistakes repeatedly: Chestnut Bud
• Others' opinions prevent one from changing: Walnut

For Discouragement/Despair
• Anguish: Sweet Chestnut
• Doubt caused by any setback: Gentian
• Hopelessness: Gorse
• Gloom for unknown reasons: Mustard

For Fear
• Fear for loved ones' welfare: Red Chestnut
• Known Fear (in general): Mimulus
• Of losing self-control: Cherry Plum
• Shock: Star of Bethelehem
• Unknown Fear: Aspen
• Terror: Rock Rose

For Inattention to the Present
• Living in the past: Honeysuckle
• Resignation: Wild Rose
• Ungrounded: Clematis
• Mental or physical exhaustion: Olive
• Obsessive thoughts: White Chestnut

For Relationship with Oneself
• Lack of self-esteem: Larch
• Self-blame: Pine
• Resentment: Willow
• Unable to face one's feelings: Agrimony
• Overwhelmed by responsibilities: Elm
• Feeling unclean: Crab Apple
• Mentally sluggish: Hornbeam
• Tireless in the pursuit of duty: Oak
• Rigid personal regime: Rock Water

For Relationships with Others
• Aloofness: Water Violet
• Dictatorial: Vine
• Possessive: Chicory
• Envy or hatred: Holly
• Needy of attention: Heather
• Impatient: Impatiens
• Judgmental: Beech
• Submissive to others' will: Centaury
• Overenthusiastic in Pursuit of a Cause: Vervain

For longer descriptions use the Music Remedy Finder or on CD1.

Music Method 1 – Using Bach Flower Music To Cut Stress & Anxiety

1. Write out how you feel BEFORE the music – physically, mentally, emotionally.
2. Pick an appropriate piece of music.
3. Listen to the music 3 times.
4. Write out how you feel AFTER the music.
5. Repeat with another piece if necessary.

Tip: When you play the music, practice breathing in its benefits. Feel the music’s beneficial frequencies nurturing every cell in your body.

Tap Into Your Inner Knowledge and Create What You Want

The Domain of Inventors, Writers, Scientists and Poets

You are a whole-brained person with both a left and right brain.
Are you using both parts?

Left Brain

Right Brain

  • Details
  • Overviews
  • Logic
  • Imagination
  • Math
  • Music
  • Order
  • Patterns/shapes/images
  • Critic
  • Adventurer

You already have right brain inner knowledge. It’s only called inner because it’s not as evident as your left brain knowledge.

Music helps you shift from left to right brain creative imagination.

It’s like shifting gears on a car from 1st to 2nd to 3rd and 4th, till you’re flying down the road, instead of crawling along like a snail.

This turbo-charges your creativity, because instead of getting stuck in details, you can suddenly see an overview of your situation. Or new patterns of possibility you never saw before. (Of course, you later want the help of your left brain to find logical steps to get to your new destination).

Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Einstein used his imaginative faculty when he came up with his theory of relativity. He first gathered all the left-brain logical facts, and then used his creative imagination to soar by the side of a light beam, so he could consider light from a different angle and perspective. That gave him the right twist in viewpoint he needed to finish his theory.

How to Use Music to Shift Your Viewpoint

Using the “Movement” in Music

When you shift your attention from daily mental clutter, you shift from the tyranny of worry to a clear space so you can see with a different viewpoint.

You can shift your attention by following “movement” in music.

Movement is anything your attention can follow.
It can be a shift in melody, harmony, texture or instruments.

It’s for this reason that Bach Flower Music has varied musical styles, with subtle variations in each piece…

1. Start with an intent to clean out old patterns, like you’re dusting out a room and letting in fresh air.

2. As the music plays, follow its movement with your attention – what’s changing?

a. Is it getting louder or softer,
b. Is it changing from a single instrument to many,
c. Is there a change in texture?
d. Is the melody rising or falling?
e. What does it remind you of?

Changes in the Bach Flower Music are evident enough to give the conscious mind something to follow while your intuitive senses come into play, but not so distracting that they break your intuitive connection.

Music Method 2 – Activate Your Right Brain Creativity

1. Write out how you feel BEFORE you listen to any music. Or pick a topic you want to explore.
2. Pick an appropriate piece of music.
3. Listen to the music 3 times.
4. Write out thoughts, impressions, insights as the music plays.
5. Write out how you feel AFTER the music.
6. If you need to, select another piece, and repeat the procedure.
7. Continue journaling insights for the rest of the day.


As the music plays, follow its movement with your attention. Your right brain works with symbols, images and feelings, so write down images, insights, feelings, memories, impressions, word fragments, associations. Keep the pen moving and write in a free-flowing manner.

If you’re still writing when the music finishes, keep on writing to finish whatever thoughts are coming to you. Don’t think too much. This is practice for your right brain, to get clay on the page, so you can later shape it with your left brain when you see new possibilities.

Practice “Leaps of Logic”

Dr. Candace Pert, author of The Molecules of Emotion said all the great scientists she knows are great because they practice leaps of logic –they follow their intuitive skills.

When you practice listening to Bach Flower Music and writing what it tells you, practice leaps of logic.

For example, suppose your attention is drawn to the sound of the bass in the music you’re listening to. And it seems bouncy. It might remind you of bouncing on a trampoline. And then to the thought that bouncing on a trampoline gets the lymphatic system flowing better. And then to the insight: “It would be good for me to bounce on a rebounder every day.”

It’s very much like following a trail to see where it leads, without preconceived ideas.

Keep your pen moving without reading what you’re writing. Read it 10 to 15 minutes later. You’ll be amazed at what’s on the page.

Another way to practice is to let music tell you a story. The story will change each time you listen, even if it’s the same piece, because you change and need to hear different things.

Why Write How You Feel Before And After The Music?

In the 2nd WW in the Philippines, when car mechanics didn’t have the right tools for tune-ups, they learned to listen to the sound of the engine, and when it had the right hum, they knew all the parts were aligned, in balance, and the car would run well.

So just as the mechanics listened to the engine to find out if it was tuned up, when you write down how you feel, you are listening to your engine – to your body, mind, emotions and spirit, to see where you are in your own tune-up process.

Listening is an important part of the healing process, whether you’re healing your health, finances or relationships.

Why Combine Writing With The Music?

Your right brain perceives in images, shapes, music, patterns, impressions, insights and feelings instead of words. So it’s useful to let those perceptions flow onto paper while you’re receiving them. Later, the words you wrote will remind you of your perceptions, and you’ll often receive even more knowledge at that time.

Music Opens a Door

When Bach Flower Music activates your right brain knowledge, you may understand it instantly. Or there may be a time lag – a few minutes, an hour, or a day for the knowledge to be understood.

CD1 has an example of a woman who listened to the music at night, and then received startling information the next morning at breakfast time.

So it’s good practice to keep a journal of the knowledge that comes to you.
As you practice jotting down what you receive, you’ll begin to access it more and more quickly.

Open the Door to Prosperity

The Field of All Possibilities

The Prosperity Exercise I used is detailed on CD1, but it’s basically this…

Form an intent to be open to what’s called the field of all possibilities.

Just as there’s a magnetic field around a magnet, we are basically swimming in fields of energy. Frijot Capra, a physicist at the University of Berkeley, says scientists now find that you and I, and everything else are just patterns of energy.

• So if you lack finances, why not tune yourself into the field of possibility that allows you to receive?

• Or if you lack a fulfilling relationship, use the music to tune into the field of energy that allows you to recognize what a fulfilling relationship is.

• If your business is stuck, tune into the possibility of new ideas to help rejuvenate it.

• If you need more understanding, compassion or wisdom, or you want friends who are not just acquaintances; whatever you’d like more of – tune into that particular field of energy, and it’s as if you are an iron filing stepping into a magnetic field. And all the insights you need start flowing toward you.

When you begin to write, let the music tell you what you might learn and do differently. Remember, music is rhythm that moves, melody that moves, harmony that moves. And if you allow your attention to move with it, you will move to new possibilities.

When you align yourself with new energy patterns by using your intent, the information of those patterns flows toward you. And great things happen. Carl Jung called it synchronicity.

Music Method 3 – Open Yourself to Prosperity

Become Cause Instead of Effect

This exercise uses the principles of inflow and outflow…

When your attention is stuck on yourself or a problem (inflow) it's difficult to change your circumstances, because the energy is centered on the problem rather than it going OUT to find a solution.

In this exercise you change the inflow to outflow…

This shifts your attention from the problem (not enough money, not enough time, etc.) so you become cause instead of effect.

When you are cause long enough in your thoughts and imagination, physical events soon follow. I used this exercise when I was lacking income. After practicing it for a few days, income began to flow toward me once again…

1. Form an intent to know about prosperity.
2. Pick an appropriate piece of music.
3. Listen to the music 3 times.
4. Write out thoughts, impressions, insights as the music plays.
5. Write out how you feel AFTER the music.
6. Continue journaling insights for the rest of the day.
7. Repeat daily for a week/several weeks.

After doing a prosperity exercise with Bach Flower Music (detailed in CD1), my wife got a salary raise and I got two new music jobs.

Synchronicity – Help From the Universe (after listening to music)

I was studying marketing and got tired of all the methods of manipulation that marketers were talking about. As I was walking, I thought “there has to be a better way.” Two seconds later I turned my head and in huge letters a sign on a window said “all you need is love.” It changed my whole approach to something workable.

Once you use the music to tune into something and keep your attention on it, the Universe starts talking to you through people, books, signs, animals, in all kinds of ways.

So, just as you did in method #2, write down insights, ideas and events, or your brain will think: “Oh, that’s just coincidence.” But when you keep a record you’ll see that 35 coincidences a week are no longer coincidences.

For more in depth instructions, listen to CD 1 – Instructions for Using Bach Flower Music

Using Your Intent

Intent - Your On/Off Switch

One day, at the University of Washington, a friend of mine told me to put a few drops of liquid from a bottle under my tongue. Since I'd known him for a long time, I trusted the substance would be benign and followed his advice. The world suddenly became “bright.”

"What's in this bottle?" I asked.
"Water, and minerals you can find at any health food store."
"And the frequencies of all the Bach flower essences and other beneficial things."

My friend was a researcher of subtle energy fields, so I asked him to give me a printout of everything that was in the bottle. And I took it home to experiment with intent.

I read his printout and composed a piece of music with the intent that it contain exactly the same frequencies as the substances in the bottle. I then recorded the music, played it into the bottle, returned it to my friend and told him to measure it. He did and said it was now 30% more potent.

How important is it that music carries intent? Intent is the on/off switch that starts your ability to create. Attention is the tuning knob that selects what you are interested in. Your intuition or right brain abilities receive information. And action brings it altogether.

To put it another way, you create using thought, feelings and action. And music can heighten your ability in all three areas. Together with the on/off switch of intent, it’s an unbeatable combination.

You can go on 100 diets and never lose weight. But the minute you really intend to lose weight, the pounds start to drop away.

So when you truly want to do something, start with the INTENT to do it. And if you find it hard to muster up the intent, use the music to clear out anything blocking your way to the intent. That can make the difference between success and failure.

Music Changes Your Energy Field

I wanted a way to visually show the effects of music. So I found an energy field photographer. Here is her report…

“Robert, the person in these photos, wanted help with his life purpose. He chose two pieces of Bach Flower Music: Vervain, because he was tense, and Gorse, for hope.

Robert’s Energy field before music
After 3 minutes listening to Vervain
After 3 minutes listening to Gorse

PHOTO 1: The area at the top of the energy field (above his head) indicates life purpose. A lack of color in that area shows he is either in the midst of change or afraid of it.

PHOTO2: After listening to music – a violet color above the head indicates an opening for Robert to connect with his life purpose, to see with a wider, more universal viewpoint.”

Said Robert: “While listening I realized I’ve been using coffee as a drug. It interferes with my problem-solving abilities. And I see now that because I’ve been afraid to get clear on my life purpose, I keep drinking it so I won’t get any clarity.

PHOTO3: After listening to more music, the color above the head area, and in fact the whole energy field, changed to a golden/yellow with brown on the periphery.

Gold indicates clarity on a spiritual or higher level and yellow indicates it on a physical level. Brown can indicate part of his purpose is to nurture himself and others.

Said Robert: “During the music I had an image of myself in a health spa in the tropics, sitting in warm water and just flushing out. Like my whole relationship to coffee has just melted away and there’s a much more healthy way to replace it.”


Before the music Robert was disconnected from his life purpose.
After the music Robert was optimistic, at peace and full of hope.

Three months later To see if there was a lasting effect, I talked to Robert 3 months later.

Here’s what he said:

Not long after the music session I had a big shift and backed off of coffee substantially. My work is really anchored now. Before, I had moved 8 times. I now have a strong sense of belonging where I am.

I teach computer-aided manufacturing at a college and I’ve made quantum leaps in my sense of purpose. I just rewrote the whole course curriculum and got it approved by the college board.

In the last few months I’ve seen how I can combine my scientific/engineering background and my metaphysical side. And that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

Friends that have not seen me for a while say: “Man, you’re looking good.” It’s the sparkle from being in my right livelihood.”

Music and Your Sense of Purpose

Many times people flounder because they know what they’d like to do, but give themselves all kinds of reasons why they can’t.
If this describes you, try an experiment. Wild Oat is specific to finding the right vocation. You can use that music to opens the doors to all the possibilities of why you CAN, instead of why you can’t.

Exercise 1 – What do you really love to do?

1. Get a piece of paper and pen.
2. At the top of the page, write the question: “What is it I would really LOVE to do?”
3. Put on headphones and listen to the music for Wild Oat, # 36.
4. Let your attention follow the movement in the music.
5. Write down any insights, impressions you get.
6. Listen two more times to the music and write two more times.

Exercise 2 – How can you do it?

1. Get a piece of paper and pen.
2. At the top of the page, write the question: “How can I do what I LOVE to do?”
3. Put on headphones and listen to the music for Wild Oat, # 36.
4. Write down any insights, impressions you get.
5. Repeat 3 times.

Exercise 3 – What steps do you need to take?

1. Listen to Wild Oat again and this time ask the question: “What steps can I take?”
Write down any steps, no matter how small they might be.
2. Listen once more and write down more steps.

When you finish the exercises, keep your answers in a place where you can refer to them daily. Repeat the exercises for a few days in a row. You can also use any of the other Bach Flower Music pieces – refer to the Remedy Finder on CD #1 for traits that describe you.

Keep a journal and jot down ANY more information or help that comes your way. You will find more information comes to you when you actively look for it.

Exercise 4 – Listening to the wisdom of music

1. Instead of writing impressions and insights, as you play the music, let it tell you directly…

a) what you love to do and
b) what steps you can take to make it happen.

2. Write as if you are taking dictation. Keep the pen moving, without thinking about it very much. Keep the attitude that it doesn’t matter what you write. Don’t even look at what you wrote for at least 10 or 15 minutes. You’ll be surprised at what appears on the page.

3. When you find out what you love to do and the steps that can get you there, pursue it. Even if the steps you take are tiny. They’ll add up.

A friend was learning a difficult piece of software. He took it in small bytes (pardon the pun) and kept at it. Now he has a huge sense of satisfaction and pride, because he has a tool that allows him to do what he wants.

How I Wrote the Back Flower Music Pieces

Writing the 38 Bach Flower Music pieces was both interesting and grueling. Over a period of a year, I experienced each emotion so I could find the particular music that would heal it…

1. An emotion would surface to show me which remedy to work on next.
2. I read Dr. Bach’s writings, to tap into his healing intent.
3. I found the frequency of the flower remedy I needed, using kinesiology.
4. I played the frequency to myself for a week, to tune into the remedy.
5. I wrote the music based on what the remedy “told” me.

Here’s an example of how it worked…

One day my wife said: “Why are you suddenly so mean to me?”

I didn’t know I had been, so I looked carefully at my actions and sensed I was afraid.
“I guess Mimulus – for fear – is the next remedy to work on,” I replied.

I read Dr. Bach’s descriptions of Mimulus and realized, with a shock, I’d had fear, at a low level, most of my life.

I determined the frequency of Mimulus, plugged it into a tone generator and played it to myself to tune into its healing properties.

Here’s what happened during that week…

1. My cat began to mirror my fear, and started using various parts of the house as a litter box. I was afraid we’d have to put him down and that thought devastated me, because after 14 years he’d become a family member.

2. It forced me to quickly consider what kind of music would soothe fear. Because I hoped that when my fear faded, his behavior would return to normal.

3. I knew the music had to give me courage. But courage from what?

What was I afraid of?

I stuck with this question, gently keeping my attention on it for a couple days, and slowly got a picture of the fear.

It was there because I thought I was separate. Alone.
Without a connection to the Universe.

4. I imagined Mimulus talking to me. Here’s what it said…

“When fear comes, say to yourself: ‘that which made the earth, the mountains, the oceans and the stars also made me. I am a part of it all. The love that created it is also the love that flows around, within and through me. To create happiness, abundance, and kindness. Love is the power behind everything. It is the building block of the universe and is my partner and friend.’”

5. An image of a mother singing a lullaby to a child came to me, and then the image of a cello “singing.” A few minutes later a melody came into my head and I wrote it down.

I knew the melody needed to start with a cello, soothing, joined later by other instruments, because we are joined and connected to the whole universe and are never alone.

6. When I finished writing the piece, a cello player volunteered to play on it, an instant example of synchronicity – that we are all connected.

7. After I played the piece to myself a few times, my fear subsided. And the cat went back to using his normal litter box.

8. A similar thing happened to me for each remedy.

General Notes

People often ask how often they should listen to the music. Three times per day is good. Some people only need it once. A school teacher, who was particularly stressed, said she listened before she went to school, and then only needed to remember the music in her head when she needed it, and that helped her through the whole day.
If White Chestnut comes up for you, listen to it three times, but then listen to Star of Bethlehem after it. Because White Chestnut will knock out negative thought patterns, but then you want something calming to replace them.

It’s a good idea to use headphones with this music, so that your attention can follow the more subtle movements in the music.

The music was written with the following flavors - blues, bluegrass, Brazilian, classical, country, E. Indian, forties, Irish, Jamaican, Japanese, jazz. I did not set out to write in a particular style for a particular remedy, but as I lived with the remedy for a week it suggested a particular flavor

Appendix Akinesiology

What Makes You Weak or Strong?

Chiropractors often use kinesiology (muscle-testing) to check for the effects supplements have on body chemistry. Different muscles can be used as indicators, but it’s often done with an arm held out to the side, with resistance applied when the arm is pushed down, to find strength or weakness following a statement.

A weak response is an actual weakening of the muscle. For example, Dr. John Diamond, in his book “Your Body Doesn’t Lie,” said that in one test, muscle strength was measured at 66 foot-pounds of pressure. With a weak response, the strength was only 36 foot-pounds of pressure. (P. 47 – Your Body Doesn’t Lie – Dr. John Diamond).

I have used kinesiology for over 20 years to test the effect of food, music and thoughts on the body.

Quantum physics tells us we are connected to everyone and everything on a subtle level.

To me, kinesiology is a practical example of that. Part of you knows what’s beneficial for you, so muscle-testing can indicate what makes you either weak or strong.

I used kinesiology to determine the frequency of each Bach Flower Remedy. And then played that frequency to myself to “tune in” to its essence.

It took me a year to write the music, and during that time I experienced each of the 38 negative traits that the remedies fix, so I could find music to counter-balance to those traits.

An example of kinesiology

My wife had sores on her feet from cold weather that were so severe we considered moving to a warmer climate. But I didn’t want to move, so I asked the universe for help.

I found a large health food store that had thousands of supplements and began to use finger kinesiology – one finger pushes on another. When there’s a strong response I can easily feel it compared to a weak one.

I mentally asked if there was something in the store that would help my wife and I got a “strong” response. I then asked if it was on the North wall. South wall? East wall? West wall? I got a strong response on one of the walls.

I then checked to see which shelf gave me a strong response. Then I checked individual bottles and found one that tested strong. It was an herbal tincture for circulation but I only knew that AFTER I looked at the label

My wife took one dropper full of the tincture and her condition did not return for four years.

Kinesiology does not always work so effectively because you have to remain neutral, but it has been a very powerful tool.

Appendix B – RESOURCES

Books on Bach Flower Therapy:
Bach Flower Therapy – Mechthild Scheffer
The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy – Mechthild Scheffer
Bach Flower Remedies – Dr. Philip Chancellor
The Bach Flower Remedies – Dr. Edward Bach, Dr. F.J. Wheeler

Books on Music
The Life Energy in Music, Vol. I, II, III – Dr. John Diamond
The Secret Power of Music – David Tame
Healing Sounds – Jonathan Goldman
Sounds of Healing – Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

Books on Kinesiology
Life Energy – Dr. John Diamond
Power vs. Force – Dr. David Hawkins

Your Body Doesn’t Lie – Dr. John Diamond

Web sites:
www.bachcentre.com/ - for more information on Bach Flower Remedies.
www.diamondcenter.net/ - Dr. John Diamond’s web site.

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