I don't trust my own judgment and often ask advice from other people.
I find it hard to choose between two things.
I don't know what I should do in life; I'm unhappy with my current work.
I fail to learn from my mistakes, and make the same ones repeatedly.
I'm easily influenced by others' opinions. I feel I need protection from them.

Inattention to the Present
I get nostalgic, live in the past a lot.
I feel apathetic, don't care, resigned to my fate. I have little joy.
I tend to live in the future, am dreamy or 'spaced.'
I'm exhausted, either mentally or physically.
I have persistent unwanted thoughts that interfere with peace-of-mind.

I'm at the limit of what I can endure. In deep despair.
I'm easily discouraged by small delays and hinderances.
I feel hopeless.
I have deep gloom that comes on suddenly for no known reason.

I get overly concerned for the welfare of loved ones.
I have fear (and I can name it): of heights, the dark, being alone, etc.
I fear I'll lose mental control and do something desperate.
I have experienced shock or trauma, either past or present.
I have vague fears of unknown origin.
I experience terror, panic.

Relationship with Self
I lack self-confidence.
I feel guilty.
I'm resentful and bitter because of what others have.
I'm always cheerful, hiding my real feelings.
I feel overwhelmed.
I feel unclean, hate myself for something.
I've got the Monday morning blues; can't face the day.
I struggle on, despite despondency from hardship.
I'm hard on myself, a strict self-disciplinarian.

Relationship with Others
I bear my troubles alone, people say I'm proud and aloof.
I'm too strong-willed, inflexible, sometimes dictatorial.
I'm possessive of family and friends and impose my own standards on them.
I'm troubled by envy, jealousy, even hatred.
I'm talkative about myself and my problems; I'm not a good listener.
I'm impatient and prefer things be done without delay.
I'm a perfectionist and often critical of others.
I find it hard to say 'no,' am over-anxious to please.
I have strong opinions and usually need to have the last word.